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Duncan & Kennedy's
High Stakes Hearing
LFF Commentary | November 2017

kyleduncan-advocate.jpgWednesday is D-Day in the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee!

Kyle Duncan, Louisiana nominee to the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, will finally get a hearing to decide if his nomination to the 5th Circuit will head to the full Senate for confirmation. U.S. Senator John Kennedy (R-La.) has yet to voice his support for Duncan, though he is quoted as saying "I'm waiting for the hearing to make a decision."

The American Bar Association (ABA) calls Duncan "well-qualified." The Heritage Foundation, the Federalist Society, Americans United for Life, Louisiana Association of Business and Industry, Louisiana Family Forum, Louisiana Right to Life, and a cadre of state legislators are all on record in support of Duncan. On the other hand, he is opposed by liberal Democrats and a small group of vocal activists who have loaned their voice to a forty-year mission to rewrite the U.S. Constitution via judicial fiat.jkennedy-advocate.jpg

Make no mistake – this high stakes hearing has implications for President Trump's judicial agenda. The lobbying campaign by pro-life and conservative groups for Kennedy's support has intensified in recent weeks. The importance of this hearing cannot be overstated – the future of the federal bench is at stake if the Senate committee derails the confirmation of a well-qualified originalist whom we believe is destined for the U.S. Supreme Court.

Act Today! Respectfully urge Senator Kennedy to vote to confirm Kyle! He will have the opportunity to listen carefully to Kyle's principled answers to tough legal questions before the Judiciary Committee. Ask Sen. Kennedy to confirm Kyle!

It's #GivingTuesday!
LFF Commentary | November 2017

givingtuesday2017Today is #GivingTuesday! What exactly is that, you ask? After a weekend of giving thanks and getting deals, #GivingTuesday is dedicated to giving back and celebrating generosity.

In honor of #GivingTuesday, Louisiana Family Forum has a gift for you! For 24 hours, we will send you one free copy of "Well Versed" by Dr. Jim Garlow! Receive this excellent guide to the issues here for your gift of any amount.

For twenty years, LFF has worked to shape the culture of Louisiana's rich heritage. The results speak for themselves – Our impact is unmistakable. Your voice is best heard when we work together! LFF is respected in the halls of power – as is the value of life, liberty, and limited government!

Team LFF researches important policies that affect Louisiana families and then communicates with pastors, churches, and individuals to assist in a reasoned course of action. We always foster respectful dialogue through our personal outreach to public officials. When an important policy is being considered, we deploy action alerts so Louisiana officials will know where you stand.

To engage the culture, we depend upon your generosity. As we approach our 20th Anniversary, I am asking you to help us begin our second decade strong. We are determined to leave Louisiana a legacy of honor because we built on a solid foundation.

We are coming to the end of 2017 and we rely on your generosity to meet our year-end goals and needs. We are already working on policy objectives, new initiatives, and planning events for 2018. The legislative session will be here before we know it! On this #GivingTuesday, will you please help us close out the year with a strong voice? Your gift of any amount changes lives and impacts culture! We appreciate your prayerful consideration!

We would be grateful if you would use today's #GivingTuesday hashtag to help spread the word on social media about Louisiana Family Forum.

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LFF in the News!
The ABAjournal.com | November 2017

justice-gavel.jpgGene Mills, President of the Louisiana Family Forum and an advocate for justice reinvestment, says he personally feels that following the biblical command to visit prisoners while working on recidivism and its associated financial costs, is a more complementary approach.

"I focused on recidivism simply by virtue of the fact that it was a healthy place to start the conversation," he says. "And it was one which most of us could agree upon."

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Planned Parenthood in Deep Trouble
The Daily Signal | November 2017

cecileR-PPA.jpgWe are living through a remarkable time in history. Almost daily, those in influential positions who once appeared untouchable are falling out of popular favor as their abuses are exposed.

Earlier this month, one particularly corrupt institution was dealt back-to-back blows: Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest abortion business.

On Nov. 13, The Hill reported that the FBI may be investigating Planned Parenthood and its associates for the sale of aborted babies' body parts for profit. It's the latest development yet in a scandal that began in 2015 with the release of explosive undercover videos.

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If there's anything you absolutely hate, why, it must be unconstitutional. Or, if there's anything you absolutely have to have, it must be required by the Constitution. That's where we are. That is utterly mindless." —Justice Antonin Scalia


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